Medication: We have experience administering medication if needed. 

We cater to each individual dog: 

If your dog is elderly, we are sensitive to their energy level and capability. We have a ramp for the car if needed, and an ADA ramp leading to the entrance of the house. 

We will discuss your dog's needs in advance of their stay, so we will know if they are better on-leash or off.

Because our dog guests 'free roam' and interact with other dogs, they must get along well with other dogs and never have shown aggressive behavior to dogs or people.

Big Sky Ranch Bed and Biscuit requires verification of current Rabies, Bordetella and Distemper, so please provide proof of vaccinations from your veterinarian, as well as their contact information, in advance of your pet's arrival. 

Please  bring with your pet at check-in:

      - Your pet's food. Dogs often don't do well when their food is switched, so please bring more food than you think they will need just in case of unexpected circumstances, such as your return being delayed.

     - You are welcome to bring your dog's crate if they have one. 

​     - We have plenty of beds and bowls, so those are not needed. 

     - Depending on the season, if your pet has a jacket, booties or a thunder shirt, feel free to bring them.


Where your pets are treated like family.

Big Sky Ranch Bed and Biscuit

Big Sky Ranch Bed and Biscuit